Boys with chocolate on their faces

The Jewish Mother Thing

I remember standing with a few friends after my oldest son was born. We were talking, as new mothers do, about how hard parenting can be, how scary. We were comparing neurotic-helicopter-mom moments, laughing at ourselves. I shared a story about taking my son to the doctor when he seemed to have a fever. “His […]

Girl with an Easter basket

My Eastover Basket

Passover and Easter don’t have to blend just because they overlap


There’s No Such Thing as the December Dilemma

This time of year, I often find myself answering questions about the “December Dilemma.” As an intermarried-child-of-intermarriage, people want to know how I handle this tricky season, when Christmas and Hanukkah compete for our attention, and pine trees threaten to darken our doors. After all, I’ve been experiencing this for two generations myself. Haven’t I […]