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There are many advantages to working here at One is that Jewish holidays do not sneak up on you. We’re starting with the High Holiday content this week! Can you believe it? It’s the beginning of Elul, the Jewish calendar month before Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year. I wrote a Guide to the High Holidays for Interfaith Families. There will be no excuse this year when I fail to buy myself new clothing or a white shirt for the holiday, no excuse for scrambling around like a maniac to arrange the holiday meals. Also, my husband (who reads this blog, right?) will remember to start practicing blowing the shofar starting on Sunday, the first day of Elul. Maybe. We’re going out of town and it might be a risk to take it on the airplane. I don’t know how airport security feels about people taking ram’s horns on planes.


(Doesn’t this photo just rock? I got it from–it was from a whole neat Rosh Hashanah sequence by an Israeli photographer.) More goodies below the cut!

I have a new coworker here who took a look at my Guide and wished I could include a sound file of Barbra Streisand singing Avinu Malkenu. Well, it is here on Youtube–I can’t embed it, but I don’t mind–it’s schmaltzier than what I usually like. That’s OK, we’re all about the pluralism here! If you like it, click the linked text (and tell me all about it, I want to know!) I was kind of excited to find a video of a jam by the band Phish from 1999 that ends with a long riff on Avinu Malkeinu–but I’m not embedding that either, because it’s over 7 minutes and Avinu Malkeinu comes after another song. It made me think of my Judaic Studies students from UMass Amherst back in that year who were totally into Phish, and loved it that they played something Jewish.

I think instead I’m going to embed this adorable song from Michelle Citrin from last year, “I Gotta’ Love You Rosh Hashanah,” because it’s so cute. Is she wearing a t-shirt that says Brooklyn Bubbelehs? Now that’s awesome!

2 thoughts on “Days of Awesome”

  • Hey Angela,
    We haven’t developed a “guide to the synagogue” but it is definitely on our agenda. We should have a better sense in the coming months of when we will be able to create that new resource. It’s part of a general campaign to create a comprehensive set of resources introducing interfaith families to Jewish life.
    -Micah Sachs, Director of Web Strategy

  • Hey Ruth — That guide for interfaith families is great! You struck a very nice tone. Has IFF developed any kind of “guide to the synagogue” for interfaith families — e.g. things like when to sit/stand, wearing tallit or kippot, what to do when the torah passes you, etc. Such a thing would be a great resources and I know from experience that it’s all absurdly overwhelming at first.

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