Kourtney and Scott’s Interfaith Kardashian Feud


I watch my fair share of television. I have a pretty good grasp on pop culture. But when it comes to reality shows, I tend to stay away from them. (With the exception of competitions on the Food Network, of course.)

So it’s more than a little annoying that, when my colleague Heather emailed me a recap of a recent episode involving that K-family, I knew who all the players were. In recent weeks they seem to have permeated certain levels of general, casual discourse in ways few others have. Everyone seemed to have an opinion on the wedding of Kim and Kris, on the eleventy-billion hour television wedding special, and, of course, on their divorce after 72 days. I wish I didn’t know any of that.

So I read the article, in the Wall Street Journal of all places, and was relieved to discover that I wasn’t as current in my Kardashian knowledge as I had feared. I seem to have, thankfully, missed this bit:

Mason saying hello to God makes Scott think he should rediscover his Judaism.

You can see the exchange in the first minute of this clip:


If we’ve said it once, we’ve said it a hundred times: talk about religion before you have kids! By the look on both Scott and Kourtney’s faces (not to mention Kim, Kourtney’s sister), they’ve clearly never discussed the religious upbringing of their son before. (I stopped watching this clip when Scott was accused of not being a “real Jew” because he didn’t know Bible stories. Knowledge does not a Jew make…)

Now if, like me, you were thrown by the two names without Ks, let me explain. Scott is the on-again-off-again boyfriend of Kourtney Kardashian. Mason is their toddler. I hadn’t known that Scott was Jewish – did you?

In this clip (about 20 seconds in), we see Scott heading to a learner’s service at a synagogue:


Someone get Scott a clip or bobby-pin to keep his kippah on!

The recap continues, showing that Kourtney wasn’t exactly supportive of Scott’s exploration:

Scott talks to Kourtney more about his Judaism. She says “There is no way that Scott is going to risk messing up his hair and wearing his yarmulke.”

According to the episode recap on RealityAired.com:

Things start off with Scott Disick, Kourtney’s boyfriend, and the father of their two-year-old boy, Mason; deciding that he wants to get back to his true self and explore his Jewish heritage.  He’d like to have some sort of religion in his life that he can pass on to his kids.

Kourtney laughs at the idea, saying Scott’s interest in Judaism is just “another one of his fads and he’ll be over it in a week.”  She reminds him later that at one point he wanted to be a race car driver too and that went nowhere.

The above exchange and the following can be viewed in this clip.

Back to the WSJ‘s recap:

And Scott, in his velvet blazer, is trying to put on a Shabbat dinner, while Kourtney looks on wondering “Do you know how to set a table?” He says a tablecloth is part of the tradition. Um, yeah, it’s not.

Then he suddenly says he’s like the worst Jew ever and doesn’t know what he’s doing. “I don’t want to do this,” he says and stalks off, leaving tons of full shopping bags, and candlesticks half full.

But Kourtney is sympathetic, saying he seems so vulnerable. He says her questions have made him feel worse, and she admits she’s been giving him a hard time but now she thinks it’s great. And she says we’ll have a nice dinner and she will help.

So, do you watch these K-shows? What do you think? Publicity stunt or something more genuine?


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  • Did you see Kourtney’s tweet this evening? Do we think this means she’s going to be more tolerant of Scott’s religious explorations?

    [sub]Image captured on my phone… Sorry![/sub]


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