Slacker Hamantashen


Our friends at have been hard at work. Well, as “hard at work” as “slackers” can be. You see, they’ve come up with the simplest hamantaschen recipe ever.

It’s so simple, all you need are two ingredients. Seriously. It’s great for making hamantaschen at your office (as they did) or in a dorm room. And if my count is correct, you only need five other items in addition to your two ingredients: a paper cup (“cookie cutter”), a paper plate (serving double duty as a “spatula” and a “plate”), a can opener (optional, depending on your hamantaschen filling), a spoon (optional, depending on the filling type) and a toaster oven. Done.

Watch their video for the recipe and instructions. (You might recognize Liz from our Hanukkah video[/url]!)

If you’re feeling a bit more adventurous, you might also check out our other hamantaschen recipes[/url], submitted by readers like you.


2 thoughts on “Slacker Hamantashen”

  • Lynne,

    The folks making the video (one of whom keeps kosher) realized this after the fact. He (jokingly) debated making a follow-up video, interviews with rabbis about what to do when you eat treyf publicly. (Their answers, of course, were “nothing – you just move on.”)

  • Oy. It’s not just that Pillsbury pie crust is not heckshered — it actually contains lard. I’m okay with slacker, but not with tref. If you’re willing to do a tad more work, Betty Crocker pie crust mix is OU-dairy.

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