What to Expect at a Jewish Wedding Ceremony


What exactly does a Jewish wedding ceremony entail? What are the customs and how might they differ from couple to couple? For a quick primer on this subject, check out the video below from G-dcast. And if you want more specifics on Jewish wedding ceremonies for couples who come from different faith traditions, check out our Weddings for the Interfaith Couple booket. If you’re looking for a clergy member to officiate your wedding, try our free referral service. And for more information on wedding planning, this guide has links to lots of other resources.

Margee’s same-sex marriage was an expression of love, Judaism and equality. She and her partner created gender-appropriate language, altering some of the words in the ceremony that “can be interpreted in a way that is not necessarily empowering for same-sex couples.” They “reframed” traditional language and with their union, affirmed that despite not being what some people would consider a traditional Jewish couple, they were indeed a Jewish couple. Margee and her partner are just like many couples who are minorities in the Jewish community, and they found a way to make their wedding Jewish, beautiful and authentic for their union. Mazel tov!


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