Day 1: Reunion


Four years ago I had tried to make plans to see my parents when I came to Israel. I was scared. Our relationship had barely healed after many years of missed communications. The reunion didn’t happen and as I learned then from one of the trip organizers, it wasn’t the time to meet them. There wouldn’t be enough time, but truth be told, I wasn’t ready. I was just starting my spiritual journey and essentially starting to clarify the values I wanted to integrate into my life. I knew, begrudgingly, that Kibbud Av v’Em (honouring your parents) would be part of it, I was just unsure how after many years of not getting along.

I learned about the mitzvah of honouring parents and now I am learning to honour mine. After they all, they did give me life.

This time I was ready. Still scared, but ready. And
I saw they were ready too. They didn’t run to hug their grandson first. They ran to me. They cried, I admit I was too tired to cry (no sleep on the plane and insomnia all week) but I felt very close and loved in that moment. Then they hugged their grandson and son in law, and suddenly my family felt a little bigger.

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