Introducing Cassie


Hello readers and fellow parenting bloggers!  I am excited to begin sharing our story with you and learning a lot more along the way.

First, a little about me:  I am an Evangelical Christian woman married to my wonderful Jewish husband for nearly 3 years.  Our interfaith journey together has stretched nearly a decade and has even brought us to live in Israel for a year!  Being pregnant in a foreign country has been quite the adventure in itself.  Did you know your pregnant belly is public property in Israel?  It has taken some getting used to random strangers rubbing my belly and exclaiming a hearty “B’sha’a tova” [in good time] or “Mazel tov” [congratulations], but I can’t say I haven’t enjoyed the attention.

Although I have no plans to convert and am very strong in my faith, I am very committed to my raising my piece of the Jewish family.  I am actually a parent-in-training as I am due with our first child in January of next year.  We can’t wait to meet our little boy and begin this new chapter of our lives together.

I hope you enjoy reading my blog posts and of course I always welcome advice, comments and questions.  Until next time, I’m off to pack for our second international move back home to Atlanta…while 6 months pregnant!

3 thoughts on “Introducing Cassie”

  • Hi Cassie!
    Can’t wait to hear more about your newborn and living in Israel (I’d love to be there!).

  • Hi Cassie

    I too am expected our first…tomorrow!  (in theory!)

    Glad to share our “firsts” journeys!

    B’Shaah Tovah!

    Good luck with the move!

  • Wow, Cassie! You’re a brave, brave woman! Here’s hoping for a smooth move back to the States, and can’t wait to read more about your story!

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