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I am another one of the fab parenting bloggers.  I am actually a parent in waiting… due in 3 days!  (Will baby be on time? That’s a different story.)

I am Jewish and grew up mostly culturally Jewish.  We had three sets of dishes in the house, milk, meat and treif.  We went to my grandparents’ for Shabbos (by car) and the synagogue was reserved for High Holidays. 

My husband is not Jewish.  He grew up… well, kind of non-denominational.  Technically Catholic, his parents forced Sunday school on him in his early years but then they weren’t committed to any religion. 

After much research and discussion, my husband and I have decided to raise our little guy as a Jew.  Add to this journey, that I have been growing more observant, in that I have been actually keeping Shabbat (no driving, no electricity).  My husband has agreed to follow suit once the little one is here (to avoid confusion).

How will this all work out?  Don’t know.  But I do have a lot of questions! 

P.S.  You can read some of my articles describing my spiritual journey on

4 thoughts on “Introducing Hannah”

  • Just wanted to say Mazel Tov! All the best to you and your family as you wait for your little one.

  • hey hunni, only me.  Found this via google not by a tweet by you!!

    So proud of you, n look foward to hearing all about Sprout when he decides it is time to come n greet the world.

    Love you and thinking of you x

  • Congratulations, Hannah, on your impending little one! I’ll be thinking safe, happy, healthy (and painless!) delivery thoughts for you.

  • Hi Chana,
    Mazel tov on your first child and I hope you have a smooth and easy delivery.  Looking forward to reading your story and getting to know you.  Good luck!

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