Video 3: Our first meeting with the Rabbi


In this video, Arel and I talk about meeting our rabbi, Rabbi Pepperstone (aka Rabbi P:). We spent 4 hours talking about the wedding and delved into other interesting topics. He was very open and answered all of our questions and made us feel confident about having a Jewish wedding with a mostly interfaith guest list.

Arel and I are both very happy with Rabbi Pepperstone leading our ceremony and we’re sure our families and friends will be just as content. He’s really easy to talk to, extremely knowledgeable and funny. We didn’t want to leave our meeting but we had to let him go home at some point.

I’m wondering: do most Jews choose their resident rabbi to officiate their wedding, or do they seek a rabbi elsewhere? Care to share? Love to hear your thoughts:)

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  • Thank you Hilah! Glad you’re watching. It’s great you guys were able to find a multilingual Rabbi…gotta love Google! Although we are not an interfaith couple, finding a Rabbi wasn’t so much the hard part. We, however, wanted one that understands that we have a very interfaith family/friend guest list so quite a bit of explaining and sensitivity is necessary. We want our guests to get what’s going on and I think our Rabbi will do a great job!

  • Hi Yolanda and Arel! First of all, I just discovered your blog and you are the sweetest couple. My fiance and I found our rabbi via a good, old-fashioned Google search! My finance is Mexican (and not Jewish) and wanted to find a Spanish-speaking rabbi who would be able to conduct the ceremony in English, Hebrew, and Spanish. I didn’t think such a person existed in the progressive, interfaith-friendly world, but lo and behold, through the magic of the Internet, we found her!!! (Ironically, my own rabbi from childhood is from South America and fluent in Spanish, but unfortunately he is not a fan of intermarriage, so we couldn’t use him.) We are thrilled to have found a rabbi who supports our commitment to each other and to Judaism. I’m glad you found a rabbi, too, and I’m inspired by your story. Much love to you on this journey!

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