Young couple with in-laws

Parents of Interfaith Couples: Your Actions Are Disingenuous

Parents: here’s what not to say to your daughter- or son-in-law


The Day My Mom Told Me to #ChooseLove

My parents and extended family have always supported my own interfaith family. There are many ways they have said or shown this to me.  When I think about when I knew it would be OK for me to bring home a partner who wasn’t Jewish, I always remember one specific conversation. I can’t remember exactly when this […]

Girl in a car

Her Tune, Her Way: Reflections on our First Year of Sunday School

Driving home from school the other day, Ruthie began singing “Ma Tovu” to herself in the back seat. She repeated it a couple of times alone, and then I decided to try to sing it back to her. But after I got the first two lines out of my mouth, she stopped me. “No, Mommy,” […]


Thirteen Years of Passover: An Interfaith Introduction

This year, I’ll be celebrating my 13th Passover with my husband. As a way of introducing myself as a new InterfaithFamily parenting blogger, I want to reflect back on what’s become many years of shared Passover meals. I was happy to share some reflections on the December holidays in a post late last year, and […]


Does Interfaith Mean Anything at Age 6?

The other day, Ruthie and I were talking about one of her favorite topics—her cousins. She ticked off each one’s name, and talked about something special about them, or what they did the last time they were together. Then she started talking about some friends who are like family—she often brings up this topic of what […]