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interfaith [in-ter-feyth]: adjective 1. of, operating, or occurring between persons belonging to different religions.

We at InterfaithFamily understand that the definition goes far beyond Webster’s.

How do you interfaith?…Interfaith relationship? Intercultural relationship? Interfaith children or grandchildren? Child of an interfaith family?

We have a knack for that! And many, many resources to help you celebrate Judaism your way…Come join us! Rabbi Jillian Cameron would love the opportunity to meet you over a cup of coffee….or email!

Coffee & Conversations


Want to meet other interfaith/intercultural couples?  We’re making it easy in 2018!  Coffee & Conversations, our monthly informal get-togethers, are coming to a coffee house near you.  Here’s our 2018 line-up:



Jamaica Plain:
Apr 26, May 30, Jun 27, Jul 25, Aug 29, Sep 26, Oct 24, Nov 28, Dec 19

May 9, Jun 13, Jul 11, Aug 1, Sep 5, Oct 10, Nov 7, Dec 5

May 24, Jun 21, Jul 19, Aug 16, Sep 13, Oct 18, Nov 15, Dec 13

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Upcoming events

Pathways to Freedom: A Passover Public Art Project

March 22, 12:00AM

by artist Julia Vogl, inspired by the universal themes of the Passover exodus story Acclaimed social sculptor, Julia Vogl, will engage a broad multi-cultural audience from across the city in a dialogue about freedom and immigration in Boston. Julia’s artwork will reflect 2,000 conversations she will have in the Greater Boston area, asking people from […]

CJP Scholarship Applications Due

March 22, 12:00AM

Combined Jewish Philanthropies awards grants and interest free loans to students who reside in the Greater Boston CJP service area. AWARDS… Awards generally range between $1,000 and $10,000. Applicants are considered on the basis of economic need and are expected to have exhausted all other available resources including college financial aid awards as well as […]

Beyond the Huppah: Creating the Jewish Marriage You Want

April 10, 6:45PM

Join us for Mayyim Hayyim’s five-session seminar for engaged and recently married couples that will provide tools to solidify a strong partnership and explore different ways of creating a Jewish home.

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Latest from our blog

It’s Not My Face that Makes Me Jewish

Rabbi Jillian weighs in on not “looking Jewish”

60% of Interfaith Families in Boston are Raising Children Jewish

There is extraordinary news this morning: according to a demographic study of Boston’s Jewish community released today, 60 percent of intermarried households are raising their children Jewish. Michaal Paulson of the Boston Globe did a front-page story on this remarkable development this morning, and the news is clearly striking a chord. As of 9:20 a.m. […]

A Leaky Tent

If you read The Jewish Week, you’ve seen Marvin Schick’s ads before. Tucked towards the back, they occupy a horizontal half-page and are all-text (small type) editorials on matters of import in the Jewish community. I rarely read them, but his ad from last week–which is also online on his blog–caught my attention. Titled “As […]

Growing Inclusivity

This post originally appeared on and is reprinted with permission. The interfaith marriage news since the High Holidays has continued to be positive for the most part. I was especially pleased to read Rabbi Micah Streiffer’s Yom Kippur sermon announcing that he was going to start officiating at weddings for interfaith couples. I say “especially” because Rabbi Streiffer […]

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