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Breaking the Glass at a Jewish weddingStarting May 6: Wedding Email Series If you and your partner are from two different faith backgrounds and planning a Jewish or Jewish and… wedding ceremony, there’s a lot to consider. We’re taking all our expertise and dishing it out in seven emails designed to offer ideas and options, answer common questions and connect you to a wealth of additional resources (and other couples!) so you can plan a ceremony that’s right for you. REGISTER NOW>>

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WCI Sensory-Friendly Access Day at the NMAJH

February 18, 10:00AM

Description: We invite children and teens of all abilities to join us in a quiet setting for art activities and story time at the museum and to participate in a specially designed museum tour. JCHAI will join us to run a program for older teens and adults. Date and Time: Monday, February 18, 2019 from […]

jkidphilly and Whole Community Inclusion Music Circle: Understanding Differences

February 24, 2:00PM

Description: February is Jewish Disability Awareness & Inclusion Month (JDAIM) and we are so excited to bring you a wonderful afternoon of music, stories and crafts about understanding and respecting each other’s differences. Singer songwriter Joanie Calem will join us to teach us through music. Everyone welcome! Location: Common Space, 25 Rittenhouse Pl, Ardmore, PA […]

PJ Our Way at Mitzvah Circle for kids ages 8.5-12

February 24, 2:00PM

Description: Join PJ Our Way Parents and Tweens at the Mitzvah Circle Foundation for a hands-on mitzvah activity with other PJ Our Way families (kids ages 8.5-12) Please bring gently used books or clothes to donate. It will make a big difference! This event was co-planned by our own Tween National Leadership Team representative to […]

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