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From lifecycle events to the everyday journey of being in an interfaith family, we can help you explore Judaism in the way that works best for you and your family.

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Interfaith Iftar

May 21, 7:00PM

Join us for a meal that celebrates the strength of our interfaith connections in Marin. Iftar, “breaking the fast” is an important and holy act for Muslims during the sacred month of Ramadan. Explore texts from the Koran and the Torah during a special study session, and celebrate our Marin interfaith community with a festive […]

Night Shift: A Jewish Cultural Experience

June 8, 8:00PM

Night Shift is a Jewish cultural experience. It’s a new take on Shavuot-the holiday that celebrates Jewish culture and literacy. Come gather at Town and Country Village in Palo Alto after normal operating hours, and shift your perspective as to what is possible there. Explore your favorite yoga studios, coffee shops and book stores in […]

Belarus to Brooklyn: A Time-Traveling Tour of Yiddish Song

June 11, 1:00PM

Jeanette Lewicki, singer and accordionist, leads a world tour of Yiddish song. From the shtetls of Poland, to the sunny boulevards of Odessa; by steamer ship to Athens and Istanbul; by railway from Buenos Aires to Brooklyn, Yiddish song has traveled the world. We carry the songs wherever we go and the songs carry us: […]

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A fresh summer watermelon salad with a Middle Eastern flair

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Why my role as a Japanese American convert to Judaism is invaluable

Converting Meant Adding Judaism, Not Losing Japanese

My journey to Judaism started long before I met my now-husband Bryan, but my interest in it deepened because of him and his Jewish heritage. I’ve always been interested in learning about my Japanese heritage, so when Bryan and I started discussing our future together, I was quietly interested in conversion early on.

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