High Holidays Recipes

By InterfaithFamily


These recipes are drawn from articles that have been published on our site over the years. They are organized by holiday, and by type (savory, sweet, seder).

For quick explanations of Jewish foods, see A Jewish Food Cheat Sheet. And find more recipes for all occasions here.

Pastrami Hash


Savory recipes:

Apples & Honey Pastrami Hash

Artichoke appetizer

Bacalao (salted cod), Egyptian, with cilantro

Bean and beef stew with spinach essence, Tunisian (t’fina aux epinards)

Closeup of cooked brisketBrisket braised in a Japanese barbecue sauce

Brisket, sweet and tangy

Brisket with chestnuts

Bulgur chickpea salad

Butternut Squash, Roasted with Apples and Onions

Chicken soup with eggs (tfaia)

Eggplant fritters with honey

Fish, broiled, with cumin (samak al kamoun)


Mock chopped liver

Moroccan couscous soup

One-Pot Chicken Tbeet

Onion noodle kugel

Pomegranate ice cream

Spinach, orange and pomegranate salad

Squash and apricot puree (hlou)

String beans with garlic butter

Stuffed Eggs with Parmesan, Smoked Salmon & Dill

Tortilla Española

Veal breast, braised and stuffed

Vegetable soup



Sweet recipes:

Apple hallah

Apple & Honey Galette

Apple spice cake

Carrot cake with lemon glaze (vegan)

Chocolate cupcakes (vegan)

Chocolate mousse topping (vegan)

Coconut (toasted) cupcakes (vegan)

Coconut pecan fudge frosting (vegan)

Compote, maple-flavored quince and raspberry

Dates, almond-stuffed and chocolate-covered

High Holiday Cocktails

Honey cake

Honey cake, chocolate velvet

Final apple & honey rollHoney cake (vegan)

Honeyed cigares with date-pomegranate filling

Japanese-Style apple and honey roll cake

Kugel, Indian-inspired pineapple coconut

Lemon glaze (vegan)

Orange cake

Pumpkin (Jack-o-lantern) compote

Pumpkin bread, Sephardic

Salad dressing, sweet

Teiglach (traditional Rosh Hashanah confection)

Tsimmes, caramelized onion and carrot, with candied ginger

Some Sephardic families have a brief seder, similar in form to the Passover seder, prior to their Rosh Hashanah meal. For more, see Date the New Year with the Symbolic Foods of the Seder. The following are links to recipes for the different dishes of the seder:



Apples in honey

String beans

Pumpkin or gourd

Spinach or beetroot leaves

Leeks or scallion


Savory recipes:

Artichoke dip

Bagel and cheese strata

Bread, Yom Kippur (il bollo)

Cheese fingers

Cheese strata

Chicken breast patties with celery fingers (pizzette di petto di pollo coi sedani)

Chicken breasts, poached, and tomatoes

Fennel, Jewish-style (finnocchi alla guida)


Lentils “hummus-style,” with pomegranate and mint and toasted Za’atar matzahs

Red snapper, Jewish-style (triglie all’ebraica)

Rice, foolproof

Roasted autumn root vegetables

Salmon mold

Tea, fast and fragrant

Whitefish and fennel salad

Challah pumpkin rollsSweet recipes:

Apple cake

Apple crumb coffee cake

Apples, baked and stuffed

Apple tea

Apricot blintzes with toasted pistachios and yogurt cream

Blueberry Apple Borekas with Honey Tahini

Blueberry muffins

Noodle kugel

Peach buttermilk kugel

Pear-cherry gratin

Pomegranate-orange sunset cocktail

Pumpkin cinnamon challah rolls



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