Sample Sabbath Worship Experience

By Rabbi Howard A. Berman


Classical Reform Judaism affirms a broad, inclusive pluralism, which reflects the full diversity within today’s changing Jewish community and welcomes all those who share our ideals. Classical Reform Judaism is particularly committed to an active outreach and warm, unconditional welcome for interfaith and multicultural families, in the belief that these universal spiritual values are uniquely meaningful and empowering for this ever growing number of individuals and families.

These ethical beliefs are at the core of Classical Reform religious commitment and its worship and celebration seeks to reflect these ideals. Classical Reform worship embraces an inclusive experience of prayer and celebration. In the historic spirit of Reform Judaism, we are committed to a meaningful, participatory liturgy that appeals to both mind and heart — a primarily English language worship Service, enriched by the timeless elements of Hebrew texts and song that link us to our past and to Jews throughout the world, while remaining creative to new influences and accessible for all those who wish to join in prayer and worship.

You are invited to experience an interactive Cyber-Sabbath service, by reading the following prayer and clicking on the musical selections below, in order to have a taste of the accessible and inclusive worship experience to which you and your loved ones are warmly invited. Also, to learn more about the welcoming and affirming principles of Classical Reform Judaism or to get more involved, please go to the website of the Society for Classical Reform Judaism.

Click below for a sample Sabbath worship experience:

Listen to Selections from Come O Sabbath Day!

Or join in the following prayer excerpt from the Union Prayer Book:

Almighty and Merciful God, You have called our people Israel to Your service and found us worthy to bear witness unto Your truth among the peoples of the earth. Give us grace to fulfill this mission with zeal tempered by wisdom and guided by regard for other people’s faith. May our life prove the strength of our own belief in the truths we proclaim. May our bearing toward our neighbors, our faithfulness in every sphere of duty, our compassion for the suffering and our patience under trial show that the One whose law we obey is indeed the God of all goodness, the Creator of all people … that to serve You is perfect freedom, and to worship You the soul’s purest happiness.

Our God, open our eyes that we may see and welcome all truth, whether shining from the annals of ancient revelations or reaching us through the seers of our own time: for Your light is not hidden from any generation of Your children that yearn for You and seek Your guidance.


About Rabbi Howard A. Berman

Rabbi Howard A. Berman is the National Executive Director of the Society for Classical Reform Judaism, and also leads Boston Jewish Spirit, a progressive Reform congregation in Boston, Mass., with a special outreach to interfaith families.