Tu Bishvat

Blooming almond tree on the blue sky background for Tu Bishvat

Tu Bishvat and some of the other smaller holidays—Sukkot, Shavuot, Purim—can be great ways to introduce Jewish partners to the beauty of Judaism. Every winter, just as we start to think about spring, a minor holiday comes along. Minor enough that not all of us know what it means or how it came to be. The resources on this page can help you and your family learn about the wonder of Tu Bishvat.

The upcoming dates for Tu Bishvat are:

  • Beginning at sundown on: February 9, 2020; January 28, 2021; January 16, 2022.

Tu Bishvat bookletTu Bishvat: the greening of Judaism
Explaining the customs, rituals, history, foods and more, this booklet will be a popular reference for all families.

Planting a treeSo you might be wondering, What is Tu Bishvat Anyway? This article offers an explanation and history of Tu Bishvat, new year of the trees according to the Jewish calendar, and its customs.


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