Brit Bat: birth ceremonies for girls


Blessed is she who comes!
B’ruchah haba’ah!

These ancient words express the emotion of parents who are holding their child for the first time, whether they are in the delivery room or holding an adopted child.

The arrival of a child is one of the most exciting, terrifying and holy moments in life. Jewish birth ceremonies give parents a way to name this unspeakable wonder, to share the joy with family and friends, and to make promises to our baby and ourselves. This is why the arrival of a child is often a Jewish turning point — the time when parents, for the first time, feel a strong connection to Jewish tradition and to the Jewish community.

This beautiful booklet, Brit Bat: birth ceremonies for girls, will explain the wonderful custom of welcoming daughters to our families and communities. Guiding you from the preparation and planning stages through to the specifics of the liturgy and ritual options available to you, this booklet is sure to be a helpful resource for all families.

Consider giving it out to new families in your synagogue, expectant parents and older siblings in your religious schools, or individuals taking an introductory course or class on Jewish life cycle rituals.