Before the Wedding: Connecting with Other Couples

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Connecting with other interfaith couples and families is a great way to share experiences, wisdom, questions and mutual support. Whether it’s through a religious organization or through friends, finding people who understand some of the dynamics interfaith couples often navigate can help in many ways. Workshops and classes offered by synagogues, community centers and other religious communities can sometimes be terrific—the key is to make sure that whomever is offering these sessions is genuinely supportive and affirming of interfaith couples, and not pursuing a conversion agenda.

InterfaithFamily offers some wonderful local resources in several cities. If you live in one of the metro areas our offices serve, check out the web page associated with your city for information about courses, meet-ups, social gatherings and opportunities to be connected with other interfaith couples including “mentors.” InterfaithFamily also offers practical and invaluable Love and Religion classes for seriously dating or engaged couples. We currently have offices in AtlantaBostonChicago, an affiliate in ClevelandLos AngelesPhiladelphiaSan Francisco Bay Area and Washington, DC. If you don’t live in one of these cities, feel free to contact InterfaithFamily’s national office at if you have questions or are looking for local resources for connecting with others.

Many local Jewish Federations, synagogues, and Jewish Community Centers also offer workshops, social events, and classes for interfaith couples. More and more local organizations have social and support groups for interfaith couples too.

You can also connect online through InterfaithFamily. Visit our Facebook page or subscribe to our bi-weekly email newsletter. Finally, our outstanding Wedding Blog offers stories and experiences from other couples and can help you discover ways to connect digitally. We also have an active Facebook group just for you.

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