From The LGBTQ Archives: Families

By InterfaithFamily


Some of our favorite articles from the LGBTQ archive about relationships between partners and with our families:

  • Your Daughter Has Something to Tell You…: personal narrative from an Indian-Italian Catholic woman who came out to her parents both as dating a woman and being in an interfaith relationship.
  • In Between: personal narrative by a gay Jewish man in an interfaith relationship describing how he has learned to see and feel comfortable with the grey area…
  • Interfaith Infertility Issues: professional view and news article about different facets of Jewish adoption: the biblical precedents for intertility, the post-Holocaust Jewish “need to repopulate” and the patrilineal descent issue for gay Jewish couples.
  • Interfaith at the Top: personal narrative by a gay rabbi describing how his interfaith relationship has “enriched our families, our community and ourselves.”
  • Lessons from the Margins: professional view from an interfaith program director describing the lessons that interfaith couples can learn from the LGBTQ community in terms of coming-out and fitting-into Jewish communal life.
  • Reconciliation: Embracing a Gay Interfaith Relationship: personal narrative about a gay man in an interfaith relationship which was at first difficult to navigate, but through many loving conversations, has worked out.
  • The Ocean Between Us: personal narrative from a gay man whose longterm relationship with one man ended partly due to religious differences and who now wonders whether if he has a bashert (soulmate) and if that bashert is definitely Jewish.
  • American As Apple Pie: personal narrative about a gay woman’s interfaith relationships, and her journey back to Judaism.
  • Gay-by-Birth, Jews-by-Choice: news article about gay couples where one or both partners converted to Judaism.
  • One Jew or Two? The “Continuity Crisis” Hits Home: personal narrative from a Jewishly involved young gay woman who wants to raise her children Jewish, but isn’t concerned about interdating.
  • All Who Are Hungry, Come And Eat: a partner who isn’t Jewish finds her place in her amongst her in-laws as she learns how to make food for the Jewish holidays.
  • Gay Adoption: news and general information article about the increasing numbers of Jewish gay couples who are adopting children, and the Jewish communal organizations that have developed to aid and welcome these families.


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