From The LGBTQ Archives: Holidays

By InterfaithFamily


Some of our favorite articles from the LGBTQ archive about the holidays:

  • Interfaith Seder: a personal narrative about the successful interfaith Passover seder that the author, Lyssa Friedman, and her partner threw.
  • Call Me Old Fashioned, But…: Framed against annual Yom Kippur observances, this personal narrative, by the non-Jewish partner of a rabbi, describes his experiences in synagogue and his thoughts about the obligations of his unique relationship.
  • Canceling Christmas: Before, Christmas had been entirely self-indulgent, an orgy of good tidings and cheer that Joanna Hammer;s Jewish partner had lovingly enabled. Suddenly, with a new son in their lives, everything changed.
  • My First Purim: a great read from a non-Jewish partner’s perspective on finding community and celebrating a less-known holiday.


And while not exclusively related to the holidays, it’s hard to think of the Jewish holidays without food:

  • A Good Eater: “One doesn’t really run into Jewish folks too often growing up in rural Indiana; one certainly doesn’t get an idea of the ins and outs of Jewish culture or food.”
  • All Who Are Hungry, Come And Eat: a non-Jewish partner relates to her in-laws as she learns how to make food for the Jewish holidays.








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