From The LGBTQ Archives: Parenting

By InterfaithFamily


Some of our favorite articles from the LGBTQ archive about parenting:

  • Small-Town Jew Blues: It turns out that being a Jewish kid in Thunder Bay, Ontario is more exotic than having lesbian moms.
  • Raised in an Interfaith Family and Now Raising Her Child in One: The story of a woman who was raised Jewish by a Jewish mother and non-religious father, and is now raising her children Jewish with a non-religious partner.
  • Interfaith Gay Parenting: Personal narrative about a lesbian Jewish woman, her Christian partner and their daughter who they are raising as a Jew.
  • Raising a Jewish Child: “My Catholic wife first suggested raising our children Jewish before we were even married. That conversation was the start of our path.”
  • Surviving and Thriving: Our Interfaith Shul: “The plethora of interfaith couples is also a change that, in my opinion, at least, will have to be regarded as a strength for our synagogue and for our community.”














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