Your Children’s Children: A Grandparenting Discussion Packet

By InterfaithFamily

July 22, 2010


If you grew up in the Jewish community, you know that grandparents have a special place in Jewish culture. In many other cultures, too, grandchildren are the reward for parenting children–delightful young people there for you to give treats and enjoy. It’s supposed to be like having children, but easier and more fun. It’s a chance to pass along the wisdom you accumulated through the hard work of parenting.

Iris up closeWhen your child marries someone from another faith, the way they parent their children may not look like what you did when you parented them. Grandparents come to our site because they aren’t Jewish and want to know what to expect of Jewish holidays and lifecycle events. They come because they are Jewish and want to know how to interact with their children and children-in-law around the Jewish education of the grandchildren. Some grandparents are sad that their grandchildren aren’t being raised in their religion.

All are eager to support and enjoy their grandchildren. (There must be some mean grandparents out there, but they haven’t written to us!)

We put together this packet to give you an easy way to read a few articles about grandparenting in an interfaith family. You can print them out and read them off the screen, email them and talk about them with your family. Sometimes, being a grandparent in a way you didn’t expect can feel isolating. We hope you will find these pieces, and the accompanying values clarifying questions, helpful and supportive. You can download Your Children’s Children as a PDF or as a Word document. Let us know whether this is helpful!


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