InterfaithFamily Programs for Couples


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Being part of a Jewish interfaith couple can be challenging, but you don’t need to find the answers alone. InterfaithFamily offers several in-person opportunities in local communities where partners can connect with each other and other couples, learn, laugh, and sometimes eat and drink.

Love & Religion

This 4-session workshop offers a safe environment to work on creating your religious lives together.

Couples should participate if they are seriously dating, engaged or newly married, exploring the issue of religion in their relationship, and:

  • want to have a religious life and are unclear how to discuss this issue with each other
  • want to be with other couples who are struggling with the same issues
  • want to explore questions about religious life together, including: How can we honor both of our religious heritages?  Can we raise our children in one religion while exposing them to the other one? What if we want to raise our children with two religions? How will we celebrate holidays and lifecycle events? Can our children be Jewish if one of us is not? How can we talk to parents and other relatives about issues related to our interfaith relationship?

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Join us for an evening of socializing and fun, meaningful conversation. Meetup conversation topics vary and can include:

  • Interfaith Weddings: What does a “Jewish interfaith wedding” look like? Discuss and learn about Jewish wedding rituals and other aspects of interfaith weddings.
  • Identity and Icons: What religious and cultural symbols and objects did you grow up with? What symbols and objects are important to you now? What do you do when a symbol or object is important to one partner but uncomfortable for the other? Join with other interfaith couples for a discussion of how we relate to religious and cultural symbols and objects.
  • The December Holidays: The December holidays can be both an exciting and challenging time. Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, both, something else or nothing at all, discuss the joys and challenges that you might be facing with the December holidays.

Upcoming Sessions:

For more programs offered in our innovation hub cities of Atlanta, Boston, and Chicago, please visit their community pages.


About InterfaithFamily

InterfaithFamily is the premier resource supporting interfaith couples exploring Jewish life and inclusive Jewish communities. We offer educational content; connections to welcoming organizations, professionals and programs; resources and trainings for organizations, clergy and other program providers; and our new Rukin Rabbinic Fellowship will provide offerings for couples in cities nationwide. If you have suggestions, please contact