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When you marry someone of another faith, you’re not just joining lives with them—you’re joining lives with their families and friends. Our contributors have addressed every kind of relationship you could imagine: interracial, Jewish-Muslim, gay, post-divorce, step-families and more. Learn from their experiences and’s articles, resources and links.

Suggested discussion topics to consider before your relationship progresses.

Six tips for couples considering interfaith marriage are as true today as they were for previous generations.


InterfaithFamily offers workshops for interfaith couples, including Love and Religion — Online, perfect for couples that are seriously dating, engaged, or newly married.

Is your community doing enough to help interfaith couples make Jewish choices? Learn more about Love and Religion, a film and workshop that can be offered in your community.

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Looking for more articles? Our Interfaith Marriage and Relationship Articles Archive has a wide assortment of personal narratives, professional advice, resources and more.

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There are many great books that focus on the additional communication and work that an interfaith relationship may require. Check out our reading list and reviews.

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