Rabbi Reuben’s Ruminations: Helping Your Children Be Part of the Jewish Community

By Rabbi Steven Carr Reuben


InterfaithFamily.com, in partnership with Jewish TV Network, is proud to present Rabbi Steven Carr Reuben’s video blog on living in an interfaith family. Rabbi Reuben is the author of There’s an Easter Egg on Your Seder Plate. For more great videos, please visit Jewish TV Network.

January 27, 2010





About Rabbi Steven Carr Reuben

Rabbi Steven Carr Reuben is the author of Making Interfaith Marriage Work (Prima Publishing, 1994), A Nonjudgmental Guide to Interfaith Marriage (Xlibris.com, 2002) and There's an Easter Egg on Your Seder Plate: Surviving Your Child's Interfaith Marriage (Praeger Publishing, 2007). He is senior rabbi at Kehillat Israel Reconstructionist Congregation in Pacific Palisades, Calif.