Conversion to Judaism: frequently asked questions


Conversion is a very significant and personal decision. While there are as many questions — and answers! — as there are stars in the sky, we’ve tried to address some of the more freqently asked questions.

In Conversion to Judaism: frequently asked questions, our newly redesigned booklet, we offer clear, non-judgmental answers to the questions we’ve been asked most frequently over the years. Questions including:

  • Does Judaism seek converts?
  • Why would someone convert?
  • How do I know if Judaism is right for me?
  • If I become a Jew, how will I relate to my family?
  • If I decide Judaism is for me, what do I do to become a Jew?
  • How will I know when I’m ready to convert?
  • Are there different requirements for conversion among the Jewish denominations?
  • And more…

This beautiful booklet is sure to be a helpful resource for all seekers. Consider having it on hand for individuals to take from a bulletin board or brochure rack — somewhere they can take it, when just becoming curious, without having to ask for it. But keep some on hand, too, to give to those who approach you with questions.