Whether you’re looking for a refresher or coming to Jewish blessings for the first time, our Blessings resources are great for you and your family.

Most blessings are specific to a holiday, and are organized on this page with other blessings used for the same holiday. Other blessings are specific to times or places and are grouped similarly.

If there is a resource you would like, please do not hesitate to ask us for it!


It is customary to light the candles, have a sip of wine and eat challah bread on Friday nights. These videos will help you (re)learn the words:

The Shabbat evening blessings are also available as audio files with a handy PDF download.


Havdalah, the ceremony marking the end of Shabbat on Saturday nights, includes its own set of blessings, available as audio files with a handy PDF download of the words.

You might also find our Shabbat and Havdalah Resource Page helpful.


Lighting the Hanukkah candles and saying the blessings is an easy activity that the whole family can participate in. Our video can show you how.

Autumn Holidays

It is customary to say these blessings at home, in the evening, just as Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur start.

And the Sukkot blessings are said in the sukkah!

At-home rituals for the holidays, complete with audio of each blessing.


Hebrew, English, transliteration, and audio for each of the blessings customarily said when dunking in the mikveh for the purpose of conversion to Judaism.

Other Times


The Shema is a declaration of Judaism’s monotheism, recited especially in the morning and evening. This video brings together the Hebrew, translation and pronunciation of the Shema.

For more on the Shema, including its roll as a bedtime ritual for kids, check out our booklet, Goodnight, Sleep Tight: Bedtime Rituals.


While the word might not be known, many people have seen "boxes" — small, slender boxes or tubes — on doorposts of homes. To help you affix your own mezuzah, we have instructions and blessings:

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