Fixin’ The World

November 10, 2011


This is a great song to play in your home; as the words sink in, they inspire us to do our part to heal and repair our broken world.

Picking up litter, conserving energy, bringing canned goods to a local food bank… there are many easy ways to perform tikkun olam (fixing the world).

Fixin’ the World by Wally & Craig — lyrics (with translations):

Fixin’ the world, tikkun olam
Making the way for generations to come
Fixin’ the world, tikkun olam
Avodah shelanu l’chu-lam (our work for us all)

Once the world was perfect, a vessel was complete
Now it lies in ruin shattered at our feet
The light it held was scattered all throughout the land
Our world cannot be perfect until we all lend a hand

The earth is very fragile, beautiful and rare
I cannot save this gift God gave unless I do my share
We have to work together, we all must do our part
Let’s find each spark of God’s pure light, start searching in your heart

God said unto Noah, “This is planet Earth”
I have had enough of floods, it’s time for life’s rebirth
This world will be the last one, God won’t make any more
This task is mine: tikkun olam tamid l’dor vador (repair the world always from generation to generation)