For Kids: Tikkun Olam

By Matt Hawkins


Tikkun Olam? This is a saying that I was not familiar with, but one that I find to be universal, one that reaches across all boundaries.

In essence it means that we can better our community by leading by example. That is, be a good example for others.

Tikkun Olam can be translated as “repair the world,” or as our fuzzy friend in the video says, “fixing the world.” It does not have to be intimidating or global in its reach — small, local deeds help too! We take care of a neighbor’s cat or catch someone when they fall. We should always strive to better our communities and ourselves.

The cute Muppets and their enthusiastic friends dance and sing to a lively ska beat. Through song, they remind us to be kind and help each other to make the world a better place. My children watched the video and started to sing along on the second verse.

On Shavuot, a holiday about learning, this is a simple lesson to share with the whole family.


Thanks to Shalom Sesame for the video.


About Matt Hawkins

Matt Hawkins is a freelance photo journalist who raises his family in Franklin, MA. He is widely recognized for making the area's best latkes and challah.