From Generation to Generation

By InterfaithFamily

September, 2012


Part of the repetition of the Amidah, L’Dor Va-Dor is a line that is sung during Jewish prayer services.

Some synagogues have the additional custom of singing this verse during a bat or bar mitzvah. The family members may join the child on the bimah or at the front of the congregation as a Torah scroll is passed from generation to generation, from grandparents to parents to the bar or bat mitzvah child.

L’dor va-dor na-geed gad’lekh-ha
ul’netz-akh netz-akh-eem ke’dooshat’kha nak’deesh
v’sheev-cha-kha El-o-hei-nu mee-pee-nu lo ya-moosh lay’o-lam va-ed.

We shall declare Your greatness through all generations,
hallow Your greatness to all eternity.
Your praise will never leave our lips.
(A traditional translation.)

To all generations we will declare Your greatness,
and for all eternity proclaim Your holiness.
Your praise, O God, shall never depart form our lips.
(An alternative translation.)

Practice on your own with the audio:

And download From Generation to Generation (pdf), with the English, Hebrew and transliteration for the blessing.


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