RCPP Resource Page


Below you will find links to helpful resources, materials and booklets for Program Providers that work with interfaith couples and families. If there are any resources you would like to see here, please email us at rcpp@interfaithfamily.com and let us know.

For discussions boards with other program providers and links to articles of interest, please join the Resource Center for Program Providers.

Marketing Materials

From your website to your membership packets, everything can be created to welcome interfaith families. Visit our Marketing Materials for Program Providers page for ideas and templates.

Policy Materials

Membership, Leadership and Ritual Policy recommendations in welcoming language make your desire to be inclusive clear. Visit our Policy Materials for Program Providers page for recommended policies.

Program Materials

Peruse programs that have a proven record of success for interfaith families. Visit our Program Materials for Program Providers.


Visit our Booklets page for booklets you can print and use.


Members of the Resource Center for Program Providers receive emails with tips, new resources and other helpful information. View the archives.


Insure that your welcome policies are carried out. Visit our Trainings for Program Providers page for available trainings and training materials.

Resource Center for Program Providers


The Resource Center for Program Providers is a great way for Jewish professionals and volunteers who work with and provide programming for people in interfaith relationships to:

  • publicize and enhance their programs and services,
  • connect with and learn from each other, and
  • access resources and trainings to build more welcome into their Jewish community.

Our goal: to help you and your institution attract and engage people in interfaith relationships in Jewish life and community.

How Can I Publicize and Enhance My Programs and Services?

Over 500,000 visitors a year are coming to InterfaithFamily.com. Many are searching for Jewish professionals, organizations and programs in their local community – in your community.

  • Help interfaith couples and families find you by listing yourself, your organization, and your programs and services on the InterfaithFamily.com Network. Join the InterfaithFamily.com Network to start, then request a professional listing where you “market” yourself by explaining how you work with people in interfaith relationships and list your services, then list your organization and list its programs. Anyone searching for Jewish connection in your area will identify you and your school, JCC or synagogue as sincerely welcoming. For step-by-step instructions on how to join, list your organization and your events please click here or scroll to the bottom of this page.
  • Strengthen your connections with interfaith couples and families by creating groups on the Network of the participants in your programs, couples you have married, new members, etc. Stay in touch with group participants, be available to answer questions, create discussions, and suggest articles and resources for them to view after the program ends.

For help using the Network’s many helpful features, contact us at connections@interfaithfamily.com.

How Can I Connect With and Learn From Other Program Providers?

Over 500 professionals and lay leaders who work with people in interfaith relationships have already joined the InterfaithFamily.com Network. They can help you – and you can help them.

  • Join the Resource Center for Program Providers Private Group on the Network. This is a confidential forum where colleagues can share experiences, explore strategies and share ideas. You can search for and connect with colleagues who share similar interests, or someone with particular expertise to advise you. And you’ll receive a monthly message alerting you to new resources with suggestions for how to use them.

Check out the Resource Center for Program Providers Private Group and contact connections@interfaithfamily.com to learn more.

How Can I Access Resources and Trainings To Build More Welcome Into My Jewish Community?

InterfaithFamily.com is an unparalleled content resource and you are welcome to use our extensive resources in your work with interfaith couples and families.

  • Download and share our easy entry Booklets, more extensive Resource Guides, videos, audio recordings, downloadable blessings, recipes and tips. All are easily accessible on our Resource Pages – for example, check out our Holidays and Life Cycle Resource Pages.

Joining the Resource Center for Program Providers Private Group gives you access to recommended and model best practices, policies and programs, and brochures that you can use in your organization’s programs and services.

  • Develop inclusive practices – for example, create an explicit welcome to interfaith families on your website.
  • Develop or update your policies on membership, leadership and ritual participation of interfaith families.
  • Add easily replicable programs to this year’s calendar.
  • Customize brochures that clearly explain your welcoming practices and policies to interfaith couples.

Finally, the Resource Center for Program Providers offer trainings to sensitize clergy, synagogue staff, school directors and teachers, youth and college-age workers to the issues of interfaith families.

  • Insure that your interactions welcome and engage interfaith families. Contact Karen Kushner at karenk@interfaithfamily.com to learn more.


 Step-by-Step Instructions on How to Join and Connect on the InterfaithFamily.com Network

To list your organization (or congregation) and its events
Determine who will be responsible for the organization’s presence on the Network – it can be a program director, a lay leader, an administrator, or anyone you choose. That individual needs to join the Network as a Member, then register the organization and create events.

  1. Join the InterfaithFamily.com Network by visiting www.interfaithfamily.com/join and confirm your email address when you receive the email confirmation. Joining the Network and confirming your email takes under 3 minutes.
  2. Register your organization in the Network’s Organization Directory by visiting www.interfaithfamily.com/organizations, or by clicking on the Organizations left-side navigation tab and then clicking the Register an Organization button and filling in the form. You must be logged in to do this. To insure your Organization is not already listed on the Network please search before creating a new one at: www.InterfaithFamily.com/searchorgs.
  3. Publicize your events by clicking on the Events left-side navigation tab, clicking the Create Event button and filling in the form.


To list yourself as a Professional
As a Jewish professional or lay leader who works with interfaith families and couples, being listed in our Professionals Directory will allow users who are looking for professionals in your area to find your profile and contact you.

After you have joined the Network by following the directions in step 1 above and confirmed your email address, you will be directed to a page to edit your personal information. In the “About Me” section, select the appropriate Professional field, such as Outreach Professional/Outreach Volunteer/Synagogue Professional. Then answer “Yes” to the question, “Would you like to add your listing to the Professionals directory?”

Short on time? You can return to your profile at any time. To do this visit www.interfaithfamily.com, enter your username and password at the top of the screen and log in. Once you are logged in, click Edit Personal Page under the My Personal Page menu at the top left of the screen. 

Download the Step-by-Step Instructions on How to Join and Connect on the InterfaithFamily.com Network.