Did You Take Notice?

I struggled with writing this note to you. Another synagogue, another shooting, another person dead and more wounded. First Pittsburgh, then New Zealand and Sri Lanka, and now, Poway, a short distance away from San Diego. Ma nishtana? What’s different?

Hebrew words on a building

How Will Our Kids Understand the Past?

How do I help my daughters truly understand anti-Semitism and Jewish history?

Hanukkah barettes

Hanukkah Feels Different This Year

It makes me nervous to celebrate Hanukkah in public this year

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How Interfaith Families Can Heal After Pittsburgh

The Pittsburgh shooting made this woman feel closer with her Jewish community, even though she is Catholic

mother daughter talking

Talking to Children About Events in Pittsburgh and Anti-Semitism

Dr. Ruth Nemzoff shares advice for talking with kids in the wake of the synagogue shooting in Pittsburgh


How to Discuss Anti-Semitism with Youths

By Dr. Ruth Nemzoff Q: I am about to have Jewish grandchildren, and I am terrified! Don’t get me wrong; we love our son-in-law. He has brought out the best in our daughter and they make sensible decisions together. We have never had any complaints; in fact, we are looking forward to learning about new […]


Charting a New Course

We live in a world filled with hate. It seems as each new day dawns, we are reminded of this very concept. Charlottesville, Paris, London, France, Spain, the list continues to grow. Even my beloved alma mater, The Ohio State University, a college with a diverse student population of nearly 60,000 is not immune. Can […]


How Do We Talk About Hate as a Family?

By Elizabeth Vocke A couple of weeks ago, as we were going to sleep, my husband said, “I’m sorry there are people out there who don’t like you because of your religion.” I have to say, I was a little startled by the comment, though it was appreciated. As a Conservative Jewish person growing up […]


Being Interfaith in the Face of Hatred

This post was written by my fiancé Zach Drescher, who is Jewish and whose work often intersects with issues important to the American Jewish community. ~~~ When you live in Washington, vacations can be a good opportunity to get away from the news cycle and conversations dominated by politics. While our trips home to plan […]


Will My Husband Understand The Annex?

By Madeleine Deliee Shortly after the election last November, a friend sent me a real estate listing. It was for a private island in Scotland, including several buildings, its own postage stamp and infrastructure. I started breaking down costs, much to my husband’s bewilderment. He didn’t understand. But when I talked to my mother about it, […]