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What Does Pro-Choice Have to Do with Interfaith Marriage?

What does pro-choice have to do with interfaith families?

Evan Rachel Wood

Hollywood Now: Rossum Leaves Shameless, Portman Plays Twins, Emmy Noms & More

Evan Rachel Wood is up for an Emmy, Portman directs & plays twins & more

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High Holy Days with Kids Cheat Sheet

A quick primer on celebrating the Jewish new year with kids

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How to Be a Kosher Vegan in an Interfaith Family

Kosher + vegan + interfaith family. This should be interesting!

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Baby Watch: 5 Interfaith Couples Who Are Expecting

5 interfaith couples in Hollywood who are expecting this spring/summer


I Wish We’d Had “The Religion Talk” Before Having Kids

By Lindsey Goldstein Before my husband and I got married, we discussed how we would raise any potential children. These children were very theoretical. something I wasn’t sure I wanted. But I began to consider it, since he finally seemed to be the right person to procreate with. My husband was raised Catholic but hasn’t […]


Hollywood Now: Chris Pine, Rachel Weisz & Ari Graynor, Plus So Many Babies!

Chris Pine & Rachel Weisz show up on the big screen for summer movies, while Ari Graynor shines on Showtime. Plus, lots of baby news!


Loss and Gain

The doctor calls Adrian and me saying, “Congratulations! You’re pregnant!” Adrian hugs me and we lift Helen up and kiss her little 16-month-old cheeks. “Helen! Helen!” we cry, “Helen you are going to have a little brother or sister!” Helen pushes our faces away not exactly understanding and gallops into the bedroom in search of […]


Using My Words

I type this while holding a squirmy, feverish 3-month-old in my lap. Shh, shh, shh, I tell him. It’s OK, just relax and rest bubbeleh. I rub his back and pull him closer, patting his head, whispering, “Just lay your keppe down on mommy’s shoulder.” He has no idea what I’m really saying, but the […]


What You Can Do Now for Your Future Baby

  Four months ago, I gave birth to a baby girl. After a long labor and unexpected C-section, there was only one thing that mattered to my husband and me: that our baby was delivered safely into the world and was perfectly healthy. Not that I was expecting anything different. She was in the good […]