Hanukkah barettes

Hanukkah Feels Different This Year

It makes me nervous to celebrate Hanukkah in public this year


My Favorite Interfaith Children’s Book

When I was a child there were two books I wanted desperately to hear before bedtime. The first was Goodnight Fred. This was a favorite because the grandmother in the book comes out of the telephone to visit Fred and Arthur, her grandsons. I, too, thought my grandmother lived in the telephone and could come […]


Choosing a Jewish Life – Fostering Jewish Peoplehood

The Center for Jewish Peoplehood Education (CJPE) is a resource and catalyst for developing education about collective Jewish belonging, often focused on the areas of Jewish peoplehood and Israel. Through its blog and Peoplehood Papers series, the organization generates dialog about the meaning and importance of Jewish peoplehood and how to nurture it. Recently, I […]

Young upset girl

Ending the Shabbat Protests

I read Jodi S. Rosenfeld’s post about peeking through her fingers at her kids during candle lighting instead of focusing on her own prayerful moment with a twinge of envy.  Rosenfeld’s urge to peek is certainly one I’ve had, too. And recently, it’s the kind of challenge I’ve longed for in contrast to what’s been […]


The Trials and Triumphs of Two Jews-by-Choice Review of A Better

Review of A Better Tomorrow. By Charles Rammelkamp, 18 essays about choosing to be Jewish by converting.