Hamantaschen gif

Hawaii-Inspired Macadamia Nut Hamantaschen with Guava Jam

Hawaii-Inspired Macadamia Nut Hamantaschen with guava jam filling

Strawberry sesame hamantaschen

Black Sesame and Strawberry Hamantaschen for Purim

Pro tips for making the perfect hamantaschen for Purim along with a unique recipe using black sesame


A Recipe for Conversation and Holiday Cookies

By Jordyn Rozensky For some of us in interfaith homes, December can highlight sticky situations. There are questions of how to balance traditions, how to keep in-laws happy and complicated questions about religion. But December also offers a unique opportunity to embrace new traditions. In my own interfaith home, for example, each year we trim […]


Molten Chocolate Cookies for Tu B’Av

What better way to celebrate and #ChooseLove on Tu B’Av, the Israeli holiday of love which falls on Friday, July 31, than with an ooey, gooey, molten chocolate cookie? In fact, this recipe is so easy, and the dough will be stored in your freezer so you can easily bake a few any time your […]