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InterfaithFamily Programs for Couples

Being part of a Jewish interfaith couple can be challenging, but you don’t need to find the answers alone. InterfaithFamily offers several programs where couples can connect to each other, and other couples like them, to learn, to laugh, and sometimes to eat and drink!

Doing a Rosh Hashanah ritual

All You Need is Chalk and Water for This Rosh Hashanah Ritual

For this fun new spin on tashlich, all you need is chalk

Shabbat celebration

Shabbat Cheat Sheet

Shabbat Cheat Sheet: all your need-to-know info, including blessings


Philadelphia Couples

Events and activities focused on interfaith couples in the greater Philadelphia area

Havdalah spread

Seven Species Cheese Spread for Havdalah

Want to host friends for end-of-Shabbat Havdalah? Serve this easy and beautiful cheese spread


More Shifting Ground

This post originally appeared on and is reprinted with permission. It’s been busy the past two weeks. As Shmuel Rosner just pointed out, since his original article a month ago, “The volume of writing on Jewish interfaith marriage in America is high.” Rosner had said that in the absence of definitive studies or any consensus, the debate […]


What Do I Do?

Hi, I’m Rabbi Jillian Cameron, the director of InterfaithFamily/Boston. While many people have at least some idea of what a rabbi in a synagogue does, my work might seem a bit more mysterious; I thought I’d provide some clarity, in case what I do could coincide with your work or your life. InterfaithFamily is a national organization […]


Couples are marrying with or without us. Let’s help.

The debate in Jewish communities about interfaith marriage is heating up. Rabbis and Jewish professionals are arguing both sides and predicting the future of Judaism based on whether or not they will officiate at interfaith marriages. I’ve seen articles that talk about “caving on intermarriage” and “coming to terms with it” and “addressing the problem.” […]

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InterfaithFamily in Your Community

We’re here because sometimes you just need to talk to someone. Someone who has been through a similar experience. Someone who can help sort out what it means to be in an interfaith family. InterfaithFamily is a Jewish non-profit dedicated to empowering people in interfaith relationships — individuals, couples, families and their children — to […]