Advent calendar

Why My Jewish Kids Love their Advent Calendars

I buy advent calendars for my Jewish kids

Gift exchange

How Gift Giving Has Changed Since Marriage

Laura re-evaluates Christmas gift-giving now that she’s also celebrating Hanukkah

Book cover

How Hanukkah, Christmas and a New Baby Inspired My Children’s Book

I created the Hanukkah book I wished my family had

Laura and Zach at Laura's parents' house, Christmas 2015

A No-Dilemma December

There’s room for all the holidays in Laura & Zach’s family


Let’s Stop Using the Word “Problem” When Talking About Interfaith Marriage

Recently I read two thought-provoking articles in the Jewish press: Rabbi Elliot Cosgove’s article in the New York Jewish Week, “Mikveh Can Solve Conversion Problem” and Rabbi Shaul Magid’s article in The Forward “Why Conversion Lite Won’t Fix The Intermarriage Problem.”  Like so many articles dealing with issues related to interfaith marriage, the headlines of […]


A Recipe for Conversation and Holiday Cookies

By Jordyn Rozensky For some of us in interfaith homes, December can highlight sticky situations. There are questions of how to balance traditions, how to keep in-laws happy and complicated questions about religion. But December also offers a unique opportunity to embrace new traditions. In my own interfaith home, for example, each year we trim […]


A Not-So-Cookie Cutter Hanukkah

By Jessica Tobacman We were late. ‘Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the aisles of Target, my husband and I were doing our version of stuffing stockings. We were running so fast we were practically sliding to try to fill his stocking and my festive Chinese takeout box before we left for his […]


Reflections on Hanukkah

Reflecting on Hanukkah with Jessie’s interfaith family


Two Holidays, Twice the Festivities: But One at a Time

I have always loved the holiday season, and celebrating Hanukkah as an interfaith family brings with it an extra dose of joy. When I was a child, my mother insisted that we wait until after my birthday, which falls in the first week of December, before any celebration of Christmas could commence. She wanted to […]


There’s No Such Thing as the December Dilemma

This time of year, I often find myself answering questions about the “December Dilemma.” As an intermarried-child-of-intermarriage, people want to know how I handle this tricky season, when Christmas and Hanukkah compete for our attention, and pine trees threaten to darken our doors. After all, I’ve been experiencing this for two generations myself. Haven’t I […]