seder plate

Why Is There an Orange on the Seder Plate?

As a kid, my mother taught us to put an orange on the seder plate as an act of feminism. Around that same time, she gave me a hot pink T-shirt with rainbow sparkle letters that read, “Anything boys can do, girls can do better.” It was the ’80s and my passions for girl power, […]


Gender Equality in Wedding Planning

Last weekend, entering the meeting with our florist, my fiancé, my mother and father and I had the distinct impression it may have been the first time a groom entered this sacred bridal territory, as though he were alien to this particular planet. We’re five weeks out from our wedding. Life is truly insane. If […]


Why We Call Them Intercultural Weddings: A Secular Humanistic Jewish Approach

Professional advice explaining the position of Secular Humanistic Jews, who accept intermarriage as the joining of people from two different backgrounds yet similar values.