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How to Be a Kosher Vegan in an Interfaith Family

Kosher + vegan + interfaith family. This should be interesting!

Couple walking in the woods

How Do We Bring Two Faiths into Our Everyday?

How do we practice separate faiths–together?

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We Aren’t as Different as My Neighbors Think

Why my American-Jewish-Mexican-Catholic family confuses our neighbors

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Death is All Religions

Death is all religions, it is every faith and it shakes us

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I Was the Loca Lady at My Baby’s Naming

I never thought I would be the crazy lady in synagogue. But here we are

Rabbi Marc Rubenstein officiates a wedding

Rabbi Marc’s Top 5 Tips for Engaged Interfaith Couples

Top 5 tips for engaged couples. This rabbi’s seen it all


Two Faiths Becoming One Family

I recently joined a Facebook group that InterfaithFamily started to connect couples planning interfaith weddings (join here!). As I’ve mentioned in a few of my posts, Zach and I have our wedding pretty well planned already, and we’ve been working with great officiants to create a beautiful, meaningful and inclusive ceremony. I joined the group […]


The Religious Identity of an Interfaith Home is a Journey, Not a Destination

Up until recently, I thought the hardest part of navigating life as an interfaith family was determining the religious identity of the home. After all, that’s where 99.9 percent of the angst within the Jewish community lies and therefore, almost 100 percent of the community’s engagement efforts are focused. The idea that many in the […]


Should We Pray for Bad People?

Shortly before the inauguration in mid-January, I was contacted by a Chicago Tribune reporter about a story he was working on related to prayer. I worked with him on a Passover-Easter story in the past. This time, he was looking for various faith perspectives on the question: Should we pray for bad people? The idea […]


Make the Most of this Valentine’s Day

I have not posted here in a little while. In part, because the business of life has caught up with me, and, in part, because in the midst of huge changes in this country, inspiration is not coming as quickly. But I can’t miss a chance to embrace this Valentine’s Day.   You may call […]