Helen Rose and Grandma Walking to Synagogue Rosh Hashanah, 2019

My Daughter’s Best Friend is the Best Gift

I couldn’t be happier about my daughter’s best friend

Flying Couch book cover

Flying Couch, Millennials, the Holocaust & Interfaith Marriage

Founder Ed Case reflects on children of Holocaust survivors and their outlook on interfaith marraige

Helen opening a door

We Aren’t as Different as My Neighbors Think

Why my American-Jewish-Mexican-Catholic family confuses our neighbors

Pink flowering tree

Death is All Religions

Death is all religions, it is every faith and it shakes us

Laura and Zach at Laura's parents' house, Christmas 2015

A No-Dilemma December

There’s room for all the holidays in Laura & Zach’s family


How to Discuss Anti-Semitism with Youths

By Dr. Ruth Nemzoff Q: I am about to have Jewish grandchildren, and I am terrified! Don’t get me wrong; we love our son-in-law. He has brought out the best in our daughter and they make sensible decisions together. We have never had any complaints; in fact, we are looking forward to learning about new […]


Don’t Call Me Bubbe–I’m Grandma.

By Sherrie Bergus On the eve of my first birthday as a grandmother, which happened to be the day of the eclipse, I wrote this manifesto down. It took courage, this but here I am. Like Thoreau before me, I headed out to reflect upon the waters of a beloved lake and declared this: I am a […]


Advice for Assimilated Family Reunions

By Dr. Ruth Nemzoff Q: I am having a family reunion. Half of the youngest generation has married people of other backgrounds. How can I use this opportunity to educate the Jewish members of my family about their heritage? And also to help those who do not currently identify as Jewish to understand how important […]


Profile of Alicia Silverstone–Daughter of Scottish Mom and Jewish Dad

Profile of Jewish actress Alicia Silverstone, the daughter of a Jewish father and Jew-by-choice mother, and who starred in Clueless and her newest film, Love’s Labor’s Lost.


Family Acceptance & Testing the Breaking of the Glass

Over the July 4th weekend, Zach and I spent some time with my family in the Philadelphia area. As mentioned on my previous post, we got ambitious with some DIY projects, so we planned a few (three) weekends to go home and visit (work) with family to complete those projects. The first weekend in July […]