Turn Jew and I’ll Marry You

This blog post was reprinted with permission from Red Said What?  By Jennifer Reinharz Larry and I struck our deal over Sicilian pie. “Turn Jew and I’ll marry you.” I shook my head.  “You’re crazy.” “Then raise the kids Jewish.” Bringing up nonexistent children in a faith other than my own seemed easier to digest […]


Parents Who Aren’t Jewish Raising Jewish Children

Between the announcement that Chelsea Clinton and Marc Mezvinsky are expecting a baby and an interfaith xoJane article about a Catholic mother choosing to raise her sons Jewish, mothers who aren’t Jewish but are raising Jewish children have been receiving positive press and gaining visibility in recent weeks—it’s about time! And well-timed too, considering we celebrated […]

tree of life

Half and Half

After being told she was not fully Jewish, she realized that that she can be 100 percent Jewish and still have a 100 percent Christian mother.