chocolate mint hamantaschen

Double Chocolate Mint Hamantaschen

Up your Purim game with double chocolate mint hamantaschen


This is Why Purim is the Original Interfaith Holiday

By Dana Marlowe This article was reprinted with permission from, a fast-growing, award-winning website for parents raising Jewish and interfaith kids. Follow Kveller on Facebook and sign up for their newsletters here. When I explain Purim to those less familiar with the holiday, I tell them it’s kind of like Jewish Halloween. Not so […]


Gluten-Free Chocolate Hamentaschen

Hamentaschen or “Haman’s Pockets” are the traditional dessert of Ashkenazi Jews on the holiday of Purim. Originally containing poppy seed filling in medieval Germany, it later became popular to fill the Hamentashen with prune filling. This tradition was started in 1731 to honor a Jewish prune jam merchant named David Brandeis. David was acquitted after being […]