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How Interfaith Families Can Heal After Pittsburgh

The Pittsburgh shooting made this woman feel closer with her Jewish community, even though she is Catholic

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Can I Work and Observe Yom Kippur?

Laura struggles with how to observe Yom Kippur when she has to work

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Rosh Hashanah Cheat Sheet

Our Rosh Hashanah cheat sheet to the rescue

Setting a table

You (Really) Can Host a Jewish Holiday Meal

Hosting Rosh Hashanah dinner is not as hard as you think


A Girl, a Guy and a Waffle House

In case you didn’t notice from the pictures, Femi and I are a devilishly handsome, interfaith, interracial couple. We also happen to live in the South. While Atlanta is a shiny blue dot amongst a sea of red, it’s still the South. There are challenges we have down here unique to any other part of […]


Making Time to Reflect Before the Big Day

We’re counting down the days—less than one month until the wedding! Plenty of friends and family have been asking us if we’re excited (of course) and if we’re ready (which is a tougher question). In the practical sense, yes, we are ready. The caterer has our menu, the DJ has our song list and we’re finished […]

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Issues Interfaith Families Confront, Plus Six Tips for Couples Considering Interfaith Marriage

Professional view describing some of the major issues interfaith couples face, from the religion of future kids to loyalty toward their family of origin.


What’s in a Name: My Favorite Torah Portion

My middle name is Miriam. I am named after Mark, my mother’s brother who was killed at the young age of 39. My name is a remembrance of him just as my daughter’s name is a reminder of my two Grandmothers, Helen and Rose. Names (and often specifically Jewish names) have great meaning and what […]


Mark Zuckerberg & Priscilla Chan Are Expecting Their Second Child

We are so excited for Mark and Priscilla’s recent baby news! After Max’s birth, this generous interfaith couple pledged to donate 99% of their Facebook shares to charitable causes.  By Joanna C. Valente  Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan just announced some pretty big news: They’re going to be parents again–making their 15-month-old daughter Max a big sister-to-be. Of course, […]


Ketubah: The Bass-line of Our Marriage (Get it? Like a tuba)

One of the items that we needed to tick off our Wedding To-Do List this month was ordering the ketubah. As an interfaith, same-sex couple, we were looking for a text that spoke to the myriad possibilities of what it means to be in a loving, committed relationship. In a moment in the wedding industry […]