The Ketubah/Marriage Contract

What is a Ketubah? A ketubah is a Jewish marriage contract. In ancient times, a ketubah was a legally binding document, written in Aramaic (the vernacular of the time), describing a groom’s “acquiring” of a bride, and stating the amount that the groom would have to pay the bride in case of a divorce. There’s […]


Making Time to Reflect Before the Big Day

We’re counting down the days—less than one month until the wedding! Plenty of friends and family have been asking us if we’re excited (of course) and if we’re ready (which is a tougher question). In the practical sense, yes, we are ready. The caterer has our menu, the DJ has our song list and we’re finished […]

READ MORE’s Tips for Creating an Inclusive Ketubah

By Aliyah Gluckstadt Planning an interfaith wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for couples to create a ceremony filled with traditions that have personal meaning to both partners. Couples can learn what the history and meaning behind Jewish traditions are, and then they can decide together, and with their officiant, what is best for them. The […]


Not Saying "I Do"

By Karl Gierach My fiancé and I did not grow up in different religious traditions. Sherrita was raised in Detroit as a Christian, attending Episcopalian, Baptist and Pentecostal services. I was also raised as a Christian—a Lutheran in the Detroit suburbs with a very conservatively evangelical upbringing. I attended 14 years of Lutheran school and during […]


Breaking the Dating Rules

By Nataliya Naydorf “I don’t think being with someone who isn’t Jewish compromises my Judaism.” I said to my fiancé on our first date. “As long as my partner is open, tolerant and willing to learn about my traditions, I can’t say it would be a huge issue.” He had asked me whether I was OK with dating someone who […]


Ketubah: The Bass-line of Our Marriage (Get it? Like a tuba)

One of the items that we needed to tick off our Wedding To-Do List this month was ordering the ketubah. As an interfaith, same-sex couple, we were looking for a text that spoke to the myriad possibilities of what it means to be in a loving, committed relationship. In a moment in the wedding industry […]


Ketubah: The Jewish Wedding Contract

Marriage is about making a strong partnership. The marriage contract, or ketubah, formalizes some of these agreements and there are many different ways to make it personal to your ceremony and relationship. For ideas for interfaith and modern ways of creating a ketubah, click here. We also have five tips for creating an interfaith ketubah, as well as tips for how to pick your ketubah witness. The following animated video from G-dcast offers a […]

interfaith ketubah tips

Five Tips for an Interfaith Ketubah

A ketubah artist offers tips for making an inclusive ketubah


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Our Interfaith Ketubah Was Everything

Why the ketubah is such a meaningful and beautiful part of a Jewish interfaith wedding