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Hollywood Now: Mid-season TV stars Daniel Radcliffe, Sophie Okonedo, Jake Gyllenhaal & More

Mid-season TV is here with Daniel Radcliffe, Sophie Okonedo & Jake Gyllenhaal


Language Shapes Reality

Ed Case curates recent news around interfaith marriage and the language we use


My Daughter is Bringing Home a Boyfriend who is not Jewish for Rosh Hashanah

By Dr. Ruth Nemzoff Q: Recently, our twenty year old daughter called from college to announce that she is bringing home her first serious boyfriend for Rosh Hashanah. He is an A student, the leader of his a cappella group and involved in community service. Before she introduced him to us, she warned us that although […]


Proud to be LGBTQI and Interfaith

Rabbi Mychal Copeland served as director of IFF/Bay Area until June, 2017 and is now the rabbi at Sha’ar Zahav in San Francisco. When I met my first girlfriend at 22 years old, I fell head over heels. My mind was swirling for at least a year—processing how this person would change my life, when and […]

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InterfaithFamily in Your Community

We’re here because sometimes you just need to talk to someone. Someone who has been through a similar experience. Someone who can help sort out what it means to be in an interfaith family. InterfaithFamily is a Jewish non-profit dedicated to empowering people in interfaith relationships — individuals, couples, families and their children — to […]


Let’s Stop Using the Word “Problem” When Talking About Interfaith Marriage

Recently I read two thought-provoking articles in the Jewish press: Rabbi Elliot Cosgove’s article in the New York Jewish Week, “Mikveh Can Solve Conversion Problem” and Rabbi Shaul Magid’s article in The Forward “Why Conversion Lite Won’t Fix The Intermarriage Problem.”  Like so many articles dealing with issues related to interfaith marriage, the headlines of […]


Four Questions for Your Interfaith Family Vision

The extreme weather conditions and the long dark nights of the winter months can be harsh for many of us. But from Thanksgiving until around Valentine’s Day, it’s also a popular time when couples get engaged. It can also be a time when couples who are getting married in the spring and summertime are knee-deep […]


How Jewish Do I Need to Be…If I’m Not Actually Jewish?

I met Jeremy and Lisa at a coffee shop to plan their upcoming wedding. We had covered most of the usual pre-ceremony topics: communication, values and balancing work and home life. Lisa had a strong Jewish sense of self from her upbringing and was excited that Jeremy, who didn’t follow any particular religious tradition, was […]

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Two Months Since “I Do” with Wedding Memories to Last a Lifetime

It has been two months since Jarrett and I tied the knot and there are times I still catch myself daydreaming about our wedding day. While it was not the easiest task to plan our big day, the reward was better than I could have imagined! In the weeks leading up to the wedding, I […]


Hopes for Our Future Children as We Prepare for Our Interfaith Wedding

As we inch closer and closer to our wedding day, I catch my thoughts darting in a million different directions. “What cake flavor will we pick?”; “Will all of our vendors show up on the big day?”; “How much time will my bridesmaids and I need to get ready?” And while many of these questions […]