Gnocchi al forno

Baked Lemon Dill Gnocchi al Forno

Comfort food comes in many different shapes and forms. Each culture, each tradition, each household, each individual has a dish that is comforting to them. Comfort foods tend to be soft, warm and not overly seasoned. This Italian gnocchi al forno takes the flavors of a Jewish comfort food: matzoh ball soup, and puts them […]


Spring Bone Broth with Potato Knaidlach

Matzoh ball soup is a staple in many Jewish homes and if you recently attended a Passover seder, you likely indulged in this comforting winter dish. It is the soup many of us crave when we’re not feeling well and the soup that has become known as Jewish penicillin. Lately (or, like, a few years […]


Research for Cookbook Leads Italian Author to Jewish Roots

Profile of Joan Rundo, a Jewish Italian author of various Jewish cookbooks including La Cucina Ebraica in Italia, and a child of intermarriage.