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What Does Pro-Choice Have to Do with Interfaith Marriage?

What does pro-choice have to do with interfaith families?


Choosing a Jewish Life – Fostering Jewish Peoplehood

The Center for Jewish Peoplehood Education (CJPE) is a resource and catalyst for developing education about collective Jewish belonging, often focused on the areas of Jewish peoplehood and Israel. Through its blog and Peoplehood Papers series, the organization generates dialog about the meaning and importance of Jewish peoplehood and how to nurture it. Recently, I […]

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Make Jewish Behavior Contagious, Hire Jewish Babysitters

One of the things I’ve learned about being a parent is that while my husband and I are our son’s primary role models and key influencers of the choices he makes, raising a child is a communal effort. Teachers, coaches, siblings, camp counselors, clergy, extended family, babysitters, and peers play a part in shaping who […]