Hebrew words on a building

How Will Our Kids Understand the Past?

How do I help my daughters truly understand anti-Semitism and Jewish history?


One of These Things is Not Like the Other

Making friends as a grown-up isn’t always easy. When I look at my “mom” friends, we’re mostly bonded through our kids. We spend countless hours at cheerleading, football or any of the myriad extra-curricular activities our kids are involved in, and our friendship is based on the relationships of our children with one another. But […]


I Wish We’d Had “The Religion Talk” Before Having Kids

By Lindsey Goldstein Before my husband and I got married, we discussed how we would raise any potential children. These children were very theoretical. something I wasn’t sure I wanted. But I began to consider it, since he finally seemed to be the right person to procreate with. My husband was raised Catholic but hasn’t […]