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Unplug for Less Doing and More Being

This is why I’m committing to unplug on March 1-2

Kristin and her husband

What Happens to Ritual Between Marriage and Babies?

Kristin struggles with how to keep spiritual rituals alive post-wedding, pre-baby

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How Interfaith Families Can Heal After Pittsburgh

The Pittsburgh shooting made this woman feel closer with her Jewish community, even though she is Catholic

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High Holy Days with Kids Cheat Sheet

A quick primer on celebrating the Jewish new year with kids

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3 Alternatives for Tashlich with Kids

3 creative ways to do tashlich with kids

Helen jumping in hoops

Why Do I Worry My Daughter Won’t Fit In?

It’s ballet class, not religious school–so why am I worried what they’ll think of us?


One of These Things is Not Like the Other

Making friends as a grown-up isn’t always easy. When I look at my “mom” friends, we’re mostly bonded through our kids. We spend countless hours at cheerleading, football or any of the myriad extra-curricular activities our kids are involved in, and our friendship is based on the relationships of our children with one another. But […]


Charting a New Course

We live in a world filled with hate. It seems as each new day dawns, we are reminded of this very concept. Charlottesville, Paris, London, France, Spain, the list continues to grow. Even my beloved alma mater, The Ohio State University, a college with a diverse student population of nearly 60,000 is not immune. Can […]


Three Jewish Values to Teach Your Kids

Ah, yes, it’s summer at last. Time, maybe, to wind down a little bit and contemplate some bigger-picture lessons that get lost in the shuffle during the school year. We talked to Rabbi Jillian Cameron of Newton’s InterfaithFamily, which supports interfaith families in embracing Jewish life, about three important Jewish values that kids should absorb as early as possible. Nothing […]


Does Religion Dictate Where We Send our Daughter to Preschool?

I grew up in the same town where I currently reside. I remember going to high school with only a handful of other students who called themselves Jewish. I knew that raising my family in my hometown meant we would have to go to the very small synagogue in the next town over or if […]