Emily Van Camp & Josh Bowman

Hollywood Now: New Year Wedding News & Andy Samberg Discovers Interfaith Roots

Celeb end-of-year weddings & Andy Samberg’s surprising interfaith roots

Catherine Zeta-Jones

Hollywood Now: What’s New from Jane Seymour, Catherine Zeta-Jones & Emmy Rossum, Plus Max Greenfield on His Career

New projects with Catherine Zeta-Jones & Jane Seymour, plus Max Greenfield talks about life after New Girl


Seven Top Rosh Hashanah Song Parodies

If you like cute videos parodying pop songs for the Jewish holidays like I do, then you’ll be happy to learn that they’ve been made not just for Hanukkah and Passover (see my favorites here and here), but for Rosh Hashanah too. So, as we approach the Jewish New Year, here’s a countdown of my seven […]


Top 7 Passover Song Parodies

When I was growing up, I always looked forward to my family’s Passover seders. One of my favorite parts of the seder was the songs—and not just the songs that were in the haggadah, like “Dayenu,” “Chad Gadya” and “Who Knows One?”  I also loved the silly song parodies we’d sing each year at our […]